Family and Family Law

Family life and the relationship between mothers, fathers, sons and daughters is one of the defining points of humanity. An individual is shaped and moulded by the experiences they have as part of a family.

This is why it is all the more tragic when families separate through bitterness or abusive treatment, and why it is all the more important to have laws in place to protect the people who need it most.

What is Family Law?

Family law is the body of legislation that deals with issues relating to families and other domestic relationships.

The main areas of family life that UK family law covers are:

  • The nature of the relationship between a couple, whether they are married, joined in a civil union or a domestic partnership
  • The issues that can arise throughout the period of the relationship such as adoption, surrogacy, child abuse,  spousal abuse or legitimacy
  • Issues arising out of the termination of the relationship such as annulment, property settlements, divorce and the further issues of parental responsibility that can follow
  • Issues regarding children such as child maintenence or schooling arrangements
  • The introduction of the new family collaborative law, that has been used in America for a number of years

The system of UK family law is nowhere near perfect and there are a number of criticisms. These include:

  • The vested interest of lawyers who are accused of distorting the system
  • The court system itself is too adversarial to be constructive
  • The court process is criticised for taking too long, thereby allowing one parent to establish a status quo environment that the other must adhere to
  • The court system is seen as extremely secretive and not open to public scrutiny

It is important that individuals know that they have support outside the family and they can put their trust in someone who can help them and find them protection if necessary especially if children are involved. We only affiliate our company with solicitors who have a very respectable reputation. This will ensure that they are dedicated to the task at hand and can work compassionately with families and solves disputes in any situation.